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Noun1.MEDLINE - the computer-based telephone system of the United States National Library of Medicine that provides rapid linkage to MEDLARSMEDLINE - the computer-based telephone system of the United States National Library of Medicine that provides rapid linkage to MEDLARS
phone system, telephone system - a communication system that transmits sound between distant points
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We data-mined the results of the Value of Libraries study with a specific focus on questions related to the use of information resources in avoiding adverse events and changing patient care by identifying the use of individual resources and particularly the use of MEDLINE.
This second edition begins with facts about the origins of MEDLINE and its development.
Fogarty International Center (FIC) were discussing how more journals in Africa might be upgraded for acceptance into MEDLINE.
MedlinePlus staff check board members' names in MEDLINE and other databases to ascertain whether they have published on the subjects covered by the Web site.
Both MEDLINE and pre-MEDLINE will be included on the ScienceDirect platform, with records being updated and added four times per week.
MEDLINE has long been established as a well-known and widely used resource in the biomedical field.
Skila's clients will now also have access to MEDLINE, which is compiled and produced by the National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland and includes bibliographic citations dating back to 1966 and more than 8 million records from more than 4,000 journals published in more than 70 countries.
MEDLINE (Medical Literature, Analysis, and Retrieval System Online) is the U.
For several years, the contents of the MEDLINE database have been offered free of charge on the Internet from a variety of sources.
Since 1966, MEDLINE has referenced over 7,500,000 articles published in 4,000 journals covering topics in dentistry, medicine, nursing, and healthcare management.
To the editor, in their "Methods" section, the authors of "Supplementary Searches of PubMed to Improve Currency of MEDLINE and MEDLINE InProcess Searches via Ovid" state that "PubMed does not accept truncation when phrase searching, so we had to use numerous phrases to capture as many variations as possible.
Ideas for improving the credibility of the African journals included having respected scientists from multiple countries serve on the journals' editorial boards, earning inclusion in major indexing databases such as the NLM's MEDLINE, and exploring ways to share journal content, for example, by copublishing peer-reviewed research articles of high importance to the people in the area served by regional journals.