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n.1.A boundary. See Mere.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It may be recalled that Meen Bahadur Gurung is the owner of Bhat Bhateni Super Market who was alleged of evading tax a couple of years back.
Also on the new list of ministers are Thon Kuat (agriculture) and Mabor Meen, who became the new finance finance replacing Daniel Gumwel Nhomabur.
Annamalai runs a hotel - Meen Kuzhambbum Mann Paanayum.
The Kappa Meen dish which won consisted of a pan-seared hake served on a bed of tapioca mash, marinaded with roasted coconut and smoked tamarind sauce, which was all topped off with a broccoli crisp and a shallot and a red chilli chutney.
As part of the 10 th Anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers campaign, UNV in Egypt launched the song Meen Fena, or "which one of us." Staying close to its roots, all efforts for planning and executing the campaign were voluntary.
The Middle East Entrepreneurs Network (MEEN) today announced its first business networking event for 2013 will be held at Media One at Dubai Media City from 7pm onwards on 6 January, 2013.
The Middle East Entrepreneurs Network (MEEN), the regional forum that brings together businesses and services supporting the spirit of entrepreneurship, announced that the first business networking event for 2013 will be held at Media One at Dubai Media City from 7 pm onwards on January 6th, 2013.
Geoff Meen, professor of economics at the University of Reading, told the BBC: "If you have very poor levels of credit availability for first-time buyers and people moving home, you are going to get low levels of sales taking place."
It drew together some of Lebanon's best-loved up-and-coming young talent, showcasing an hour of performance from each of the participating acts -- the Makoustics, Jammit the Band, Flying Circus, Pierre Hashash, Eardrums and Meen.
Anyone who buys Gnome Sane from iTunes on April 1st will receive the physical CD of Gnome Sane for free as well as a bonus CD called Nah Meen (a play on the phrase "Do you know what I mean?"), also for free.
India's total was 32 shots short of the gold medal winner South Korean team comprising Meen Whee Kim, Kyoung Hoon Lee, Jaehyeok Lee and Ilhwan Park.