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imp.1.imp. of Mete, to dream.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Nowadays in Germany, Mett refers to raw minced pork meat.
Next, the differences of using the mean travel time (MTT), TTB, and METT as the route choice criterion in a competitive traffic network will be shown.
AYR 2.30 Go Jamesway 3.00 Homestretch 3.30 Outlaw Torn 4.00 Forrest Flyer 4.30 Kingscroft 5.00 Normal Equilibrium 5.30 Bousatet NEWTON ABBOT 2.15 Port Hill 2.45 Well Mett 3.15 Emerald Rose 3.45 Satou 4.15 Drawn Free 4.45 Clarion Call 5.15 Kusadasi RIPON 6.50 AJ Cook 7.20 The Dukkerer 7.50 Duke Of Yorkshire 8.20 Line Of Reason 8.50 Outset 9.20 Bunce WINDSOR 6.00 Golden Compass 6.30 Grass Green 7.00 First Sargeant 7.30 Angelito 8.00 Consign 8.30 Snow Powder 9.00 Silver Dixie
RacingP ost Ratings Steve Mason Well Mett (5.20 Huntingdon, nap) Well treated on best of last season's form for Lucy Wadham and showed enough when runner-up at Uttoxeter last month to suggest he can be another winner for the in-form Fergal O'Brien yard.
CEO Michael Dell and other executives mett analysts on Wednesday.
As for me, I could not have accomplished what I did without the other members of Navy Medical Embedded Training Team (METT) with whom I had the privilege of serving at that time.
The panelists included Mett Carroll, vice president, Pipe Line Constructors, L.L.C., Houston; Robert Bell, vice president, Price Gregory International, Inc., Houston; Harry New, vice president-U.S.
Research by Co-operative Travel has dubbed this emerging area as "the Mett" - after its key destinations Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey.
Morocco will be one of the METT countries (Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey) to replace destinations like Costa del Sol in Spain or Portugal's Algarve as preferred resorts for the British, the study found.
The friend said: "Eugene and Alexandra had been married for 16 years before he mett his woman.