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She acknowledged the support given by MFAT s James Waite.
DepEd, through the Bureau of Learning Delivery-Student Inclusion Division (BLD-SID), issued the MFAT to "assess Grade 1 learners enrolled in regular schools, who may exhibit developmental advancement or delays or have manifestations of learning disability."
MFAT subsequently announced that 79 projects were under consideration for the NZ$613m donor funds committed, "to deliver ...
Larson-Meyer et al., 2008)) on the morning of day 4 and a 20 minute run at 74 [+ or -] 3% V[O.sub.2]max (72 [+ or -] 7 on LFAT and 75 [+ or -] 3% on MFAT (Larson-Meyer et al., 2008)) on the morning of day 7.
The main goal of the research project was to compare and contrast the academic achievement through pre- and post-assessment by using the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Major Field Achievement Test (MFAT) in business.
(4.) New Zealand Ambassador, Washington, to Minister of External Affairs, 4 December 1964, 478/4/6, Records of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Wellington (cited hereafter as MFAT).
The region was able to work together to produce the 1989 Wellington Convention which prohibits driftnet fishing within regional EEZs, and to have the UN adopt consensual resolutions to halt all driftnet fishing (MFAT, 1996: 26).(7)
About a third of Neil Plimmer's memoir covers in some detail his nineteen years with MFAT and its predecessors.
In a statement, the MFAT spokeswoman said the ministry is unable to separate out all costs that were "solely attributable to the campaign." The costs also included outward travel by special envoys and hosting of high-level visitors as part of the Ministry's core business in advancing New Zealand's bilateral and trade interests.
Further, a cable from September 2006 quoted Riddell, the American sports company, as saying that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) had spoken to Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei during the minister's trip to Wellington earlier in the year about activities in the Pacific.
One of the developers of the Murray Flows Assessment Tool (MFAT), CSIRO Land and Water river scientist Dr Bill Young, says the tool will help the Ministerial Council and others to understand the environmental outcomes of any flow allocation decision.