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Noun1.square mile - an area of 640 acres
area unit, square measure - a system of units used to measure areas
section - a land unit equal to 1 square mile
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Though most of the islands are small--the smallest is approximately 700 m2 (7,530 ft2)--283 of them each has an area greater than 1 [km.sup.2] (0.38 mi2); the sum of those 283 islands encompasses approximately 2,425 [km.sup.2] (936 mi2).
MI2 The company monitors social networks and uses formal and informal social networks, such as blogs, discussion forums, Twitter, Facebook, Orkut and other media to monitor and evaluate the impact of launching its innovations.
MI is organized in four sessions with different closing times and energy-scheduling horizons: MI1 and MI2 open at 10:45 and close at 12:30 and 14:40 on day T-1 and MI3 and MI4 open at 16:00 on day T-1 but close at 7:30 and 11:45 on day T.
Xiaomi's next phone was the Mi2, which was the first Snapdragon 600-powered phone ever.
Customers can buy Mi standalone smartphones starting from AED449 for Red Mi2E (16GB), AED 719 for Red Mi2 Note (16 GB), AED 899 for Mi4i (16 GB) and AED 1689 Mi Note Pro (64 GB).
Customers can buy Mi standalone smartphones starting from AED449 for Red Mi2E (16GB), AED719 for Red Mi2 Note (16 GB), AED899 for Mi4i (16 GB) and AED1689 Mi Note Pro (64 GB).
The scene gave me a lot of inspiration for the gun-barrel and motorcycle scene in MI2.
"We've been using Cforia MC2 and MI2 for five years now--they are excellent collection and deduction management tools," said Patterson.
The company has combined the Gossan and Char Crete leases into a single 2.5 mi2 project on east shore of Lake Winnipeg, northeast of Winnipeg, Manitoba.
For example, the MI2 framework omitted social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and its analytics and outputs were not given in sufficient detail to use for practical analysis [3].
To approximate the inverses of [K.sub.p], M + [square root of [beta]]K, and K + 1/[square root of [beta]]M in our preconditioners (note that the last two matrices are the same up to a multiplicative factor), we employ the algebraic multigrid (AMG) routine HSL MI2 0 from the Harwell Subroutine Library (HSL) [2], using 2 V-cycles with 2 pre- and post- (relaxed Jacobi) smoothing steps to approximate each matrix inverse.