Martin Luther King Day

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Mar·tin Luther King Day

The third Monday in January, observed in the United States in commemoration of the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mar′tin Lu′ther King′ Day`

the third Monday in January, a legal holiday in some states of the U.S., commemorating the birthday (Jan. 15) of Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Noun1.Martin Luther King Day - observed on the Monday closest to January 15Martin Luther King Day - observed on the Monday closest to January 15
legal holiday, national holiday, public holiday - authorized by law and limiting work or official business
Jan, January - the first month of the year; begins 10 days after the winter solstice
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This is the second year that Cistercian has chosen KIB as one of the organizations to work with on MLK Day, and the results of their efforts will be appreciated by the many visitors to Senter Park.
In this current political climate i think it's really brave of the History Channel to use MLK Day as an opportunity to air a marathon of American Pickers reruns," twitter user (https://twitter.
to noon MLK Legacy of Service: 10th Annual Hendricks Park MLK day of service; 10 a.
The event also features performances by Aurora students, honors for those participating in the annual MLK Day of Service and recognition for student leaders with the mayor's Service Above Self Awards.
The latest leg of President Barack Obama seemingly endless, Jeteresque PR campaigna final victory lap around the baseball diamond, as it weretook place on MLK Day at the White House, where the World Champion Chicago Cubs were honored by the president, and vice versa.
I read Martin Luther King's Letter from Birmingham City Jail on MLK Day for personal reflection.
s commitment to transform communities through volunteering by engaging more than 1,000 employees in community service projects across the state on the MLK Day of Service.
By participating in the national MLK Day of Service movement we are reminded of Dr.
MLK Day became a national day of service in 1994, when Congress passed legislation to give the holiday even greater significance.
He is heavily involved in community service, such as tutoring with preschool, elementary and middle school students; collecting food for and serving at the Cafe Manna; and assisting with MLK Day diversity events, among other activities.
Jeh Johnson, secretary of homeland security, made note of it in his MLK Day remarks in Washington.
Two teens were arrested in connection with the MLK Day shootings; three men were arrested and charged in the Mardi Gras shootings.