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Subsequent to the original feasibility model, an update of reserve pricing to $1,200/oz resulted in a total Probable Mineral Reserve of 20.9 Mt @ 3.94 g/t for 2.6 Moz as at December 31, 2018 (100% basis)1, with lower strip ratios and higher proportions of low cost ore fed to the plant, relative to the $1,000/oz Mineral Reserve.
Visitors to the Moz Army meet came from Los Angeles, Berlin, Scotland, Germany, Holland...
Moz said with the acquisition of STAT, the combined company portfolio will include brand heavyweights eBay, Alaska Airlines and Trivago, among others.
After realising the fun they're having together at night is making the lad tired, Moz buys him a night light to help him drift off to sleep.
As the noise is getting worse I would certainly recommend getting Moz re-examined as things may have changed.
Within hours of its release, Moz the Monster was a hot topic of conversation on social media, with every major news outlet scrambling to get its own reaction to the ad online.
Not surprisingly the cuddly toy version of Moz - PS20 with PS2 going to Barnardo's - is selling out fast (although more are being made so keep your eyes peeled!) so you need to be quick if you want to snuggle up to your own.
Their story of a little boy (who couldn't be cuter if he tried) and his friendship with a 7ft monster called Moz will melt your heart.
The Lewis commercial, first screened on Friday, shows a boy called Joe unwrapping the lamp - a gift from his imaginary monster pal Moz to help him sleep.