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Noun1.CFTR - the gene that is mutated in cystic fibrosis
mutant gene - a gene that has changed so that the normal transmission and expression of a trait is affected
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A peptide derived from the ATP-binding cassette transporter, multidrug resistance-associated protein 7 (MRP7) ALALVRMLI was identified to bind HLAE during heat shock [18]; the peptide AISPRTLNA derived from the HIV Gag protein has been shown to upregulate HLA-E surface expression on HIV infected lymphocytes [19].
Peptide ligands HLA-E* HLA-E* TCR CD94/ Reference (origin) 01:01 01:03 NKG2A Naturally presented ligands ALALVRMLI (ATP binding cassette ND ND ND + [18] transporter, MRP7) VMAPRTLFL + + - + [33] (HLA-G) VMAPRTLIL (CMV + + + + [26, 35, UL40; HLA-C) 38] VMAPRTLVL (CMV; + + + + [36, 57] HLA-A) Predicted ligands QMRPVSRVL + + ND - [17] (human HSP60) AISPRTLNA (HIV ND ND ND + [19] Gag protein) SQQPYLQLQ ND ND ND + [20] (gliadin- wheat protein) SQAPLPCVL (EBV- + + + + 33] BZLF1 protein) This table shows the diversity of naturally presented or predicted HLA-E peptide ligands and their interactions with immune receptors.
3 shows that MRP1 and MRP7 are constitutively expressed in all sensitive and drug-resistant cell variants at a similar level, whereas MRP9 is not expressed in any of these cells.