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1. An ancient kingdom east of the Dead Sea in present-day southwest Jordan. According to the Bible, its inhabitants were descendants of Lot. Archaeological exploration has traced settlement in the area to at least the 13th century bc.
2. A city of southeast Utah on the Colorado River. It is a center for recreation in the Canyonlands.


(Placename) Old Testament an ancient kingdom east of the Dead Sea, in what is now the SW part of Jordan: flourished mainly from the 9th to the 6th centuries bc


(ˈmoʊ æb)

an ancient kingdom E of the Dead Sea, in what is now Jordan.
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Ma'ab Jameel raced to victory in the girls category, followed by runner up Latifa Mohammed and third-placerShaikhaNajeeb.
When Francois was thrown out of flight school in Fairfield after 9/11 with the other Arab students, Taoufiq promised he'd look out for Francois, a seventeen-year-old kid so accustomed to bad luck, he'd given it a woman's name: Ma'ab, the place to which one always returns.
Ma'ab, and Udumu), as well as some princedoms in Cyprus (Jadnana) remained Assyrian vassals.
Ma'ab Al-Qassem, Manager, International Banking and Investments at Gulf Bank's headquarters.