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a.1.Dejected; sorrowful; downcast.
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Painting from Queen Nefertari's tomb [Photo Courtesy: Ancient in Our Heart Official Facebook page] Seneb the dwarf and his family [Photo Courtesy of Metropolitan Museum of Art] Isis Goddess [Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons] Religion & Mythology Ancient Egyptian mythology includes many religious myths dedicated to the female goddess like Ma'at the Goddess of Wisdom and Hathor the Goddess of Beauty, beside the most celebrated goddess in ancient Egyptian history, Isis.
Mission operators programmed the craft to come to rest in the Ma'at region, on the smaller of the nucleus's two lobes.
The spacecraft came down in the rugged Ma'at region of the comet, which is littered with boulders and deep active pits known to produce jets of gas and dust.
The probe was put down in the rugged Ma'at region of the comet, which is littered with boulders - known as "dinosaur eggs" - and deep pits producing jets of gas and dust.
The spacecraft is heading toward a region named Ma'at with many active pits, which are the points of origin for many of the comet's dust jets.
Artaymis Ma'at, Bill Chandler and Patricia Ice, JACKSON ADVOC.
The king represented prosperity and safety to the people, and it was his duty to maintain Ma'at.
Tekasala Ma'at Nzinga, who co-founded the brand in 2004 with Shunnoz Fiel, said that investment is essential, and that it's not enough for people to just like the designs.
The Egyptians were always anxious to equate human endeavors with cosmic events as observed in the night sky, and much of their writings and teachings about the spirit of Ma'at were concerned with a need to mirror the divine order demonstrated by the heavenly bodies.
Egypt had a wisdom goddess, Isis, as well as a goddess of truth and justice, Ma'at.
We recently completed a pilot Map Your Future Project workshop with the Ma'at Youth Academy in Richmond, CA, one of California's top climate-impacted hotspots.