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a.1.Dejected; sorrowful; downcast.
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Hanging on a wall in my office at the Ma'at Youth Academy is a picture of my father in his early thirties proudly holding a huge striped bass caught on the Richmond shoreline in Butler's Bay.
FLORIDA -- Janice Cribbs, Audrey Edwards, Teresa Edwards, Jennifer Folsom, Shawn Irving, Rachel Jones, Donna Loyko, Sekou Ma'at, Allen Moore, Napolean Nealy Jr.
Ma'at at REACH 2010 Demonstration Program; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); Division of Adult and Community Health; Mail Stop K-45; Koger Rhodes Building, Rm 4172; 4770 Buford Highway; Chamblee, GA 30341; Ph: 770.
We learn that the ancient Egyptians believed that the Pharoah's ka, or spirit, would need protection in its journey through the afterlife, and that how he fared then would be critical to their own lives, in the Land of the Dead he would help control ma'at, or balance, in their world.
In ancient African religious systems, Ibeji (an Orisha, from the Yoruba and the Ifa) is known as the deity of twins, while Ma'at (from Egypt) was the goddess of, among other things, balance.
I say this for the same reasons of consideration with 'dike and 'ma'at' (although ma'at is closer to uBuntu than dike because of its significance also for truth).
Delpit and Caucasian-Bradley (2003) offered their experience using the Ma'at value system of the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) people to engage middle school African-American students in the learning process.
Like the two Chicago schools using African-centered curricula, students in Oakton's three African-centered classrooms begin their day with a morning ritual that affirms the principles of Ma'at.
Honored for her dedication and commitment to youth advocacy, Fuller says these awards are a coup for Ma'at Youth Academy (MYA)--an organization she founded in 1994 as a project of Earth Island--and thinks of those who work with her as co-recipients.
Imani Ma'at, Director of the REACH 2010 initiative at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; and Alicia Lara, Vice President of Programs for The California Endowment.