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Variant of Meuse.


(Cookery) South African thick soured milk
[from Nguni amasi milk]


(Placename) the Dutch name for the Meuse


(myuz; Fr. mœz)

a river in W Europe, flowing from NE France through E Belgium and S Netherlands into the North Sea. 575 mi. (925 km) long. Dutch, Maas.
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LAW Lane Powell has hired Emily Maass as an associate within its corporate, securities and M&A team.
Even with experienced new hires, it can take a while for managers to mold their skills to the unique business problems of their new organization," says Aaron Maass, CEO of MaassMedia.
The collaborative project of the editorial staff of Writer's Digest Books, "Writing Voice: The Complete Guide to Creating a Presence on the Page and Engaging Readers" is an effective compendium of instruction and advice drawn from best-selling authors and instructors like Donal Maass, Adair Lara, Paula Munier, Dinty W.
As Dave Maass aptly puts it, you can't fight fake news with a bad law.
This year, besides honoring Ruthie Maass, our Sarasota Magazine Volunteer of the Year, we also bestowed Biz(941)'s Greater Good awards on philanthropic business professionals and companies.
Citizens Bank (NYSE: CFG) has announced the appointment of Quincy Miller, president of Business Banking, as its new Massachusetts state president, as well as the appointment of Connecticut head of Middle Market Banking Lisa Maass as its new Connecticut state president.
We are thrilled that the National Governors Association cites the use of pharmacists and their patient care services as an opportunity for states to provide more effective and efficient health care," said Stacie Maass, senior vice president of pharmacy practice and government affairs at the American Pharmacists Association.
Mark Maass, completed the review, and new bylaws were approved by town meeting on March 24.
Cuando tenia setenta anos declaro: 'la vida me dio todo a manos llenas: fama, exito y dolor', evoca el creador de La tiple alegre obra en que intervienen Miriam Ferrer, Veronica Barba, Nelly Ferrer, Claudia de Leon Dieter Koll, Gabriele Stoltenberg, Columba Lopez, David Zepeda, Alfredo Maass (tenor), Alejandra Larraza (soprano); y con el sonido y diseno de Claudio Rivera.
We didn't see that as a necessity," said Peter Maass, a deputy at the Texas Facilities Commission, of the fire checks.
The renovation of the Otto Maass Building's laboratories, mechanical rooms and distribution shafts for lab areas reduced the annual building energy consumption by 59%.