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 (mə-kĕn′zē), Alexander 1822-1892.
Scottish-born Canadian politician who was the first Liberal prime minister of Canada (1873-1878). He established the Supreme Court of Canada and reformed the electoral system.


(Placename) a river in NW Canada, in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, flowing northwest from Great Slave Lake to the Beaufort Sea: the longest river in Canada; navigable in summer. Length: 1770 km (1100 miles)


1. (Biography) Sir Alexander. ?1755–1820, Scottish explorer and fur trader in Canada. He explored the Mackenzie River (1789) and was the first European to cross America north of Mexico (1793)
2. (Biography) Alexander. 1822–92, Canadian statesman; first Liberal prime minister (1873–78)
3. (Biography) Sir Compton. 1883–1972, English author. His works include Sinister Street (1913–14) and the comic novel Whisky Galore (1947)
4. (Biography) Sir Thomas. 1854–1930, New Zealand statesman born in Scotland: prime minister of New Zealand (1912)
5. (Biography) William Lyon. 1795–1861, Canadian journalist and politician, born in Scotland. He led an unsuccessful rebellion against the oligarchic Family Compact (1837)


(məˈkɛn zi)

1. a river in NW Canada, flowing NW from the Great Slave Lake to the Arctic Ocean. 1120 mi. (1800 km) long; with tributaries, 2525 mi. (4065 km) long.
2. a district in the SW Northwest Territories of Canada. 527,490 sq. mi. (1,366,200 sq. km).
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Noun1.Mackenzie - Canadian explorer (born in England) who explored the Mackenzie River and who was first to cross North America by land north of Mexico (1764-1820)Mackenzie - Canadian explorer (born in England) who explored the Mackenzie River and who was first to cross North America by land north of Mexico (1764-1820)
2.Mackenzie - a Canadian riverMackenzie - a Canadian river; flows into the Beaufort Sea
Canada - a nation in northern North America; the French were the first Europeans to settle in mainland Canada; "the border between the United States and Canada is the longest unguarded border in the world"
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Mac Kenzie was the owner of Mac Kenzie Cable Company in North Carolina for over twenty years.
Although the track is fit for racing at present, clerk of the course Neil Mac Kenzie Ross is concerned by the prospect of persistent heavy rain.
Alan Mac Kenzie, estate manager at the Sculpture Park, said: "With their powerful horns, the hardy Highland breed can clear their way through the thickets of scrub and undergrowth.
The ship, skippered by Donald Mac Kenzie, had sailed from Biddiford in Devon across the Bristol Channel in search of whelks.
Jean Mac Kenzie, a team leader at Consumer Direct Scotland, said: "People are becoming a bit more aware of their rights and are becoming more savvy, particularly when it comes to online shopping.
PROFESSIONAL footballer Neil Mac Kenzie has been putting his off-pitch skills to the test by winning five consecutive games on Countdown.
Yates is also in talks with fellow keeper Chris Mac Kenzie and defender Gavin Hurren, both of whom are out of contract.
Dickson, 47, admitted acting in a racially aggravated manner to PC Edward Mac Kenzie at Burnett Road police station in Inverness on November 9 last year, while he was on bail.