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(Biography) Louis. 1907–63, British poet, born in Northern Ireland. His works include Autumn Journal (1939) and Solstices (1961) and a translation of Agamemnon (1936)



Louis, 1907–63, Irish poet.
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com A SENSE OF PLACE - AN EXHIBITION Date: Thursday 1 - Saturday 24 February Location: Ards Arts Centre Women of the Ards Peninsula used photography to record aspects of the social, maritime and agricultural legacy of the area, taking as a starting point the writings of poet Louis MacNeice who is buried in Christ Church, Carrowdore.
This poem concerns a colleague of MacNeice who jumped to his death from his office window.
Rory MacNeice, representing the jockeys, argued that the first two flagmen were so far from the inner chase track as to add nothing to the efforts to stop the race.
Tom Walker is the author of Louis MacNeice and the Irish Poetry of His Time (OUP).
Among the friends who arrived in Laugharne to pay their last homage to the Welsh poet, who in his lifetime established an international reputation, were Louis MacNeice, the well-known poet, and the following schoolboy friends from Swansea: Vernon Watkins, the painters Alfred James and Alban Leyshon, John Pritchard, poet, and novelist and poet, John Ormond Thomas.
MacNeice, a consultant who helps CEOs and leadership teams deliver sustained high performance, and Bowen, a specialist in strategy and organizational design and a performance consultant who has worked with executive teams, identify what makes specific organizations high performers.
Yeats, together with Louis MacNeice, a younger Protestant poet.
Do you recall how Louis MacNeice calls childhood the 'time of gifts'--the phrase used adopted by Patrick Leigh Fermor in one of the most glorious travel books of the 20th century?
He also makes a strong case for overlooked virtues in the verse of Louis MacNeice and John Updike.
We may also recall the glee of a very different poet, Louis MacNeice, at the drunkenness of things being various.
Six Poets: Hardy to Larkin, An Anthology, will contain more than 100 poems from Thomas Hardy, A E Housman, John Betjeman, W H Auden, Louis MacNeice and Philip Larkin, with Bennett's commentary discussing their style and charting his own reactions to their work.
She also heard the moving Sunday Poetry Salon event at MacNeice House, hosted by the Arts Council.