Macadamia integrifolia

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Noun1.Macadamia integrifolia - medium-sized tree of eastern Australia having creamy-white flowersMacadamia integrifolia - medium-sized tree of eastern Australia having creamy-white flowers
genus Macadamia - trees or shrubs; Madagascar to Australia
macadamia, macadamia tree - any tree of the genus Macadamia
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Flowering and fructification phenology in Macadamia integrifolia
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (Campbell, Australia); The State of Queensland, Department of Primary Industries (Brisbane, Australia); The University of Queensland (St, Lucia, Australia); Bureau of Sugar Experiments Stations (Indooroopilly, Australia); and Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia) have patented DNA encoding an anti-microbial protein from Macadamia integrifolia and variants of the protein that are less sensitive to Ca++.
Of the five species examined, only Macadamia integrifolia and M.
Nine species of macadamia occur worldwide, but seven of these occur naturally only in Australia and, of these, just two are edible: Macadamia integrifolia and M.
Australia's mediterraneans have many more genera of the Proteaceae, such as Telopea, Hakea or the famous Macadamia integrifolia, which produces an fatty edible nut, the Macadamia or Queensland nut, that is highly appreciated--which is why it is grown on a large scale both in Australia and Hawaii.