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 (mək-bĕth′) Died 1057.
King of Scotland (1040-1057) who ascended the throne after killing King Duncan (died 1040) in battle. Legends of his rise to power and reign are the basis of Shakespeare's tragedy Macbeth.


(məkˈbɛθ; mæk-)
(Biography) died 1057, king of Scotland (1040–57): succeeded Duncan, whom he killed in battle; defeated and killed by Duncan's son Malcolm III


(məkˈbɛθ, mæk-)

died 1057, king of Scotland 1040–57: subject of a tragedy by Shakespeare.
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Noun1.Macbeth - king of Scotland (died in 1057)Macbeth - king of Scotland (died in 1057)  
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Having obtained the two Hundred Pounds, we instantly left the Town, leaving our Manager and his Wife to act MACBETH by themselves, and took the road to Sterling, where we spent our little fortune with great ECLAT.
I had shared the conscience of Macbeth, the passion of Othello, the doubt of Hamlet; many times, in my natural affinity for villains, I had mocked and suffered with Richard III.
Stewart and McKellen Welles directed and starred as Macbeth in 1948, while long before playing Gandalf, McKellen brought the character to TV in 1978 with Judi Dench as Lady Macbeth.
It is thus clear that the numerous references to blood in Macbeth are directed to create revulsion in the minds of the readers at the deeds of violence that permeate the play and express horror at the union of pain, injustice and tyranny.
In this particular playbill, Macbeth appeared in two back-to-back productions: the aforementioned classic; and James Chalmers' 'Prelude to Macbeth'-a prequel that provided a backstory to the character triad of Duncan, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.
MacBeth was a member of the band The Foundations, who scored a worldwide hit with the track Build Me Up Buttercup.
The hearing heard Macbeth indecently assaulted the girl when she was just six and seven years of age while he was living in London.
Iqbal Khan's adaptation sees the Macbeths with a young son, whose childish innocence provides stark contrast to the carnage unfolding before him.
Macbeth, as first committed to the page at the turn of the seventeenth century, appears to tell of ambition, pure and simple - though little about the actions of its titular character and his wife can be described as pure or simple.
For those who haven't read it yet, Macbeth is the play, which sketches the rise of Macbeth, from the ranks of Thane to a King, and then his downfall as a King, which ultimately leads to his tragic end.
Macbeth cuyo significado es "hijo de la vida", es nombre y no apellido; el rubricaba en sus epocas colegiales como "Macbeth mas Finlaech" (Macbeth, hijo de Finlaech) la linea al trono, al parecer, es mas directa por parte de su madre que de su padre, pues es viable que ella fuera hija de Kenneth II.
Shot on location in England and Scotland, this Macbeth is rugged and raw, stripped bare of some of Shakespeare's lyrical text for the sake of dramatic expediency.