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 (măk′ə-bē′əs), Judas
See Judas Maccabeus.


also Mac·ca·bae·us  (măk′ə-bē′əs), Judas or Judah Died 160 bc.
Jewish patriot and most famous member of the Maccabee family. His rededication of the Temple at Jerusalem (164 bc) is commemorated by the feast of Hanukkah.
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(ˌmæk əˈbi əs)

Judas or Judah ( “the Hammer” ), died 160 b.c., Judean patriot.
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The choicest tapestries which the looms of Arras could furnish draped the walls, whereon the battles of Judas Maccabaeus were set forth, with the Jewish warriors in plate of proof, with crest and lance and banderole, as the naive artists of the day were wont to depict them.
Among the early strengths are Walsh editions of Handel, including Athalia, Alexander's Feast, Israel in Egypt, Saul, Samson, Joseph and his Brethren, Semele, Hercules, Belshazzar, Judas Maccabaeus, Occasional Oratorios, Susanna, The Choice of Hercules, and Jephtha.
(50.) Mannhardt's note: The Choral Academy of Danzig performed choruses and solos from the first part of Minders Judas Maccabaeus before the address was delivered.
But far more vividly did she realize that she was an English girl; far keener than her pride in Judas Maccabaeus was her pride in Nelson and Wellington; she rejoiced to find that her ancestors had always beaten the French from the days of Cressy and Poictiers to the days of Waterloo, that Alfred the Great was the wisest of kings, and that Englishmen dominated the world and had planted colonies in every corner of it, that the English language was the noblest in the world and men speaking it had invented railway trains, steamships, telegraphs, and everything worth inventing.
The public domain works include such pieces as Morley's April is in my mistress' face, Handel's Hallelujah, Amen (from Judas Maccabaeus), Mendelssohn's He that endure to the end (from Elijah), East's How merrily we live, as well as other madrigals and part-songs like Elgar's As torrents in summer.
There are still however some excellent young choirs in Wales and one of the very finest, the John S Davies Singers, will be making a return visit to the festival, after their memorable performance of Handel's "Messiah" last year, to sing "Judas Maccabaeus" on the opening Saturday.
The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah commemorates Judas Maccabaeus, who successfully fought for freedom.
They are equally poignant and lyrical in "To Thee, Thou Glorious Son of Worth" also from Theodora, and commanding in the double-dotted rhythms of "FromThis Dread Scene" from Judas Maccabaeus.
Gewalt--Bedrohung--Krieg: Georg Friedrich Handels Judas Maccabaeus, edited by Dominik Hoink and Jurgen Heidrich.
The later essays (1992-2001), by Burrows and Hicks, focus on individual works from the final years of Handel's composing career: Hercules, Balshazzar, Judas Maccabaeus, Alexander Balus, Joshua, Susanna, Solomon, Theodora, and Jephtha.
THE Choral Society combined thrillingly with a large contingent of singers from the Osaka Symphonic Chorus for this performance of Judas Maccabaeus, one of Handel's best-known oratorios.