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Ju·dah 1

In the Bible, a son of Jacob and Leah and the forebear of one of the tribes of Israel.

[Hebrew yəhûdâ.]

Ju·dah 2

An ancient kingdom of southern Palestine between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea. It lasted from the division of Palestine around 930 bc until the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 bc.

[Hebrew yəhûdâ.]
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1. (Bible) the fourth son of Jacob, one of whose descendants was to be the Messiah (Genesis 29:35; 49:8–12)
2. (Bible) the tribe descended from him
3. (Bible) the tribal territory of his descendants which became the nucleus of David's kingdom and, after the kingdom had been divided into Israel and Judah, the southern kingdom of Judah, with Jerusalem as its centre
Douay spelling: Juda
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(ˈdʒu də)

1. the fourth son of Jacob and Leah. Gen. 29:35.
2. one of the 12 tribes of Israel, traditionally descended from him.
3. the Biblical kingdom of the Hebrews in S Palestine, including the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. Compare Israel (def. 4).
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Noun1.Judah - (Old Testament) the fourth son of Jacob who was forebear of one of the tribes of IsraelJudah - (Old Testament) the fourth son of Jacob who was forebear of one of the tribes of Israel; one of his descendants was to be the Messiah
Old Testament - the collection of books comprising the sacred scripture of the Hebrews and recording their history as the chosen people; the first half of the Christian Bible
2.Judah - an ancient kingdom of southern Palestine with Jerusalem as its centerJudah - an ancient kingdom of southern Palestine with Jerusalem as its center
Canaan, Holy Land, Promised Land, Palestine - an ancient country in southwestern Asia on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea; a place of pilgrimage for Christianity and Islam and Judaism
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[ˈdʒuːdə] NJudá m
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nJuda m
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References in classic literature ?
"Felton," cried she, "you are as great as Judas Maccabeus! If you die, I will die with you; that is all I can say to you."
Well hast thou spoken, Sir Knight, until the God of Jacob shall raise up for his chosen people a second Gideon, or a new Maccabeus, it ill beseemeth the Jewish damsel to speak of battle or of war.''
Bar Kochba in the mountain gorges, with the Romans falling like leaves around him; Maccabeus, the Hammer [sic] on the Plains of Eretz Yisroel; Gideon trumpeting in the night--and now you, Zaida, and my father and my sister in a house in Warsaw.
When we think of the Handel oratorios, it is usually Messiah, Israel in Egypt, Judas Maccabeus, Samson or Solomon that spring to mind.
See the Conquering Hero from Joshua contains the same chorus as Judas Maccabeus, and the difference in vent holes and lipping Technique can be compared directly with the same player.
Against Antiochus's machinations to stamp out Judaismand the Hellenists' efforts to eschew traditional Jewish laws and traditions with the modernity of the Syrian-Greek culturerose a clan of brothers of the priestly family of the Hasmoneans: Judah Maccabeus, Jonathan Apphus, Eleazar Avaran, Simon Thassi, and John Gaddi.
Historians tell how the rebels, lead by Judas Maccabeus, took back Jerusalem from the Greeks, a victory marked in the Jewish festival Hannukah.
They are Hector, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Joshua, David, Judas Maccabeus, King Arthur, Charlemagne and Godfrey of Bouillon.
At the periphery of Mohammed's inquiries is a young boy called Maccabeus, rumored to be the illegitimate son of Yehuda Yacoub, for whom many search with little success.
As a choir sings excerpts from Handel's Judas Maccabeus, she appears in a vaguely medieval costume for the first time.
For the early Christians, the crucified Jesus took the place of the conquering king or a Judas, the Hammer, Maccabeus. From the perspective of Jesus and the apostles, the heresy of the "Left Behind" series is that it once again crucifies Jesus as the Suffering Servant to resurrect a political Messiah and an imperial Jewish state.