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1. Powdered green tea, used in Japanese tea ceremonies and as a flavoring for sweets and sweet drinks.
2. Tea prepared by mixing such powder with hot water.

[Japanese (now written with the kanji for matsu, to rub, grind + cha, tea) : matsu, end, tip, fine powder, dust (from Early Middle Chinese mat; also the source of Mandarin , end, tip, nonessentials) + cha, tea; see chanoyu.]
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There are 16 bars and restaurants, a post office and the traditional Japanese style tea room where guests can enjoy Maccha. On the Imperial Floors, hotel staff in Kimono welcomes guests.
(No surprise then that beverage brands like Dirty Lemon, infused with ingredients such as collagen, charcoal, maccha, valerian and CBD, can be bought through subscription and delivered to your door for only $10 a bottle.
(15) Note that this list of "sacred" dances does not include any stories from the Reamker, including the seduction of Sovann Maccha (Suvarnamatsya) by Hanuman, the single most popular piece in the entire dance drama repertoire.
Some people made paintings that included Japanese flags or said, "We love you Japan" and "You are not alone." Japan ICAF staff presented the attendees with maccha cookies and Japanese chocolates, postcards and magnets.
NAGOYA - A total of 14,718 people drank ''maccha'' green tea at the same time on Sunday in an Aichi Prefecture city which is the second-largest producer of tea leaves in Japan, setting a world record for people drinking tea at one time.