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 (mə-klĭn′tək, -tŏk′), Barbara 1902-1992.
American geneticist. She won a 1983 Nobel Prize for discovering that genes in plant cells can change position both within and between chromosomes.
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(məˈklɪn tɒk)
Barbara, 1902–92, U.S. geneticist and biologist: Nobel prize for physiology or medicine 1983.
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(1) Carol MacClintock's excellent translation omitted the first subsection of the first part--understandably, given the purpose of her anthology and its inherent space limitations.
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MacClintock's SEASONED BY SALT: A VOYAGE IN SEARCH OF THE CARIBBEAN (1574092464, $16.95) follows one couple's cruise from Connecticut through the Caribbean and back, telling how they took leave of jobs and a 'real' life in Connecticut to sail for the tropics.
Crichton's The Soundless Tide (1907), but other novels, such as MacClintock's The March of Loyalty (1884), portray inter-Protestant dissent.