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n.1.A gambling game in vogue in the eighteenth century.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In 2018, Macco Organiques acquired ISALTIS, a key player operating in the magnesium lactate market, with control over 75% of stakes in the company's capital to become a global leader of high purity mineral salts, while accompanying ISALTIS towards expansion.
Apparently 'Morris' is also a motorised 'macco' - someone who minds other people's business for the purpose of gossip - a journalist, then.
Curated by Monda Gallery, the show includes works by French artist Frederic de Buzon, Georg Macco from Germany, Alois Hans Schram, Max Schoedl, Leopold Carl Mueller and Ludwig Hans Fischer from Austria, and Italian artists Gustavo Simoni, Hermann Corrodi and Rubens Santoro.
He will reach Pind Macco where PPP stalwart Nadeem Afzal Chan will formally announce joining PTI along with his associates and followers.
Paul and her husband, Jeff Macco, currently live in the popular Lower Highlands (LoHi) neighborhood and are in the planning stages of building a new four-unit townhome project in their adopted West Colfax neighborhood.
In In re Macco Properties, Inc., an Oklahoma bankruptcy court considered objections by former equity owners of the debtor to the defense cost of the bankruptcy trustee's professionals.
Key players profiled in the global sodium propionate market report include Prathista Industries Ltd., Fine Organic Industries Private Ltd., Niacet Corporation, Macco Organiques Inc., Foodchem International Corporation, Tengzhou Tenglong Chemical Co.
Garcia's successes came in spite of the deaths of prominent Insurrecto leaders such as Jose Marti and Antonio Macco. (11)
Among the guest artists of the festival are Lala Nomada, Nora Jacobs, Dominik Lipp, Manuela Macco, Manuela Centrone and Roi Vaara.
At our favourite restaurant, Tenda Rossa, we tried dishes like macco di fava, a thick soup made of pureed fava beans with garlic, olive oil and parsley and maybe the slightest hint of anchovy.
Global Calcium's highly soluble and low taste impact minerals; Pleuran's immuno-modifier Imunoglukan P4H[TM]; Davos Life Science's Tocotrienols; Supreem Pharma's Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) Powders; Tournay Biotechnologies' Cranberry, Pomegranate & Fruit Extracts; Vitatene's Natural Betanat[R], Lyconat[R] and Lutenat[R]; Piramal Healthcare's Vitamins A & D2 (Ergocalciferol); Fermenta Biotech's Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) oils/resins; IOI's Omega 3/DHA AMT's amino acid and ChelaMax chelates; Steam treated Psyllium; Cosmocel's Phosphates; Algry's Choline Salts; Dabeer's EDTA's and Chelating Agents; PolyDrug's Ferrous Fumarate, including Low Lead; Sachtleben's Titanium Dioxide; Crown's Ferrous Sulfate; Macco's Inorganic Salts; Faci's Stearates.
Macco, Chapter 13 Trustee, (last visited Sept.