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 (mĭk-dŏn′əld), George 1824-1905.
British writer known for his fairy tales, such as The Golden Key (1867). He also wrote longer works of fantasy, such as Lilith (1895).


 (mĭk-dŏn′əld), Sir John Alexander 1815-1891.
Scottish-born Canadian politician and the first prime minister of the Dominion of Canada (1867-1873 and 1878-1891). He is considered the organizer of the Canadian Confederation in 1867.


1. (Biography) Flora. 1722–90, Scottish heroine, who helped the Young Pretender to escape to Skye after his defeat at the battle of Culloden (1746)
2. (Biography) Sir John Alexander. 1815–91, Canadian statesman, born in Scotland, who was the first prime minister of the Dominion of Canada (1867–73; 1878–91)


(Biography) (James) Ramsay. 1866–1937, British statesman, who led the first and second Labour Governments (1924 and 1929–31). He also led a coalition (1931–35), which the majority of the Labour Party refused to support


(məkˈdɒn əld)

Sir John Alexander, 1815–91, Canadian statesman, born in Scotland.


(məkˈdɒn əld)

James Ramsay, 1866–1937, British prime minister 1924, 1929–35.
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He was just such a Man as one might have expected to be the choice of Macdonald.
Dan MacDonald, pioneer saloonman and gambler on the upper Yukon, owner and proprietor of the Tivoli and all its games, wandered forlornly across the great vacant space of floor and joined the two at the stove.
Charley Bates' tight features relaxed at the sight, and MacDonald went over and joined the three at the bar.
Burning Daylight's burning candlelight," laughed Dan MacDonald, as an outburst of exclamations and merriment came from the dancers.
And when God Almighty washes Daylight's soul out on the last big slucin' day," MacDonald interrupted, "why, God Almighty'll have to shovel gravel along with him into the sluice-boxes.
He was still chuckling over his success when Billy swung open the door and Inspector MacDonald of Scotland Yard was ushered into the room.
Those were the early days at the end of the '80's, when Alec MacDonald was far from having attained the national fame which he has now achieved.
Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself; but talent instantly recognizes genius, and MacDonald had talent enough for his profession to enable him to perceive that there was no humiliation in seeking the assistance of one who already stood alone in Europe, both in his gifts and in his experience.
Let the man stay, therefore; even though he called himself MacDonald and swore in Gaelic.
MacDonald and her husband, Mark Prus, of Moravia, NY, Sally Beth MacDonald of Worcester, Susan C.
Fantasy, Art and Life: Essays on George MacDonald, Robert Louis Stevenson and Other Fantasy Writers.
Guests included Geoff Inskip, chief executive of Centro, and Richard Williams, managing director of the Mott MacDonald Group.