Mach number

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Mach number

also mach number  (mäk)
n. Abbr. M
The ratio of the speed of an object to the speed of sound in the surrounding medium. For example, an aircraft moving twice as fast as the speed of sound is said to be traveling at Mach 2.

[After Ernst Mach.]

Mach number

(Units) (often not capital) the ratio of the speed of a body in a particular medium to the speed of sound in that medium. Mach number 1 corresponds to the speed of sound. Often shortened to: Mach
[C19: named after Ernst Mach]


or Mach


a number indicating the ratio of the speed of an object to the speed of sound in the medium through which the object is moving. Abbr.: M
[after E. Mach]


(mɑk, mɑx)

Ernst, 1838–1916, Austrian physicist.


1. machine.
2. machinery.
3. machinist.

Mach number

The ratio of the speed of a body to the speed of sound in a particular medium. For example, an aircraft flying through air at twice the speed of sound has a Mach number of 2.

mach number

The ratio of the velocity of a body to that of sound in the surrounding medium.

mach number

A unit of velocity. Mach 1 is the speed of sound; Mach 5 is described as hypersonic.
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Noun1.mach number - the ratio of the speed of a moving body to the speed of soundMach number - the ratio of the speed of a moving body to the speed of sound
ratio - the relative magnitudes of two quantities (usually expressed as a quotient)
Machovo číslo
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It explains inviscid hypersonic flows, emphasizing the fluid-dynamic effects of the Mach number becoming large; viscous hypersonic flows, emphasizing the purely fluid-dynamic effects of including the transport phenomena of the viscosity and thermal conduction at the same time that the Mach number becomes large; and the influence of high temperatures on both inviscid and viscous flows.
Free-stream Mach number was taken as 0.75 for all computational runs while sideslip and angle of attack values vary between 0 and 5.
Tenders are invited for Services for operation of hypersonic wind tunnel facility phase -1 low mach number system
In general, as the Mach number increases, the compression of gas by shock wave enhances, and more violent chemical reactions occur which strengthen the plasma around the vehicle.
However, it is still time-consuming for any high-fidelity CFD techniques to simulate the unsteady aerodynamic loads due to the broad variation of parameters, such as different combinations of mean angle of attack and Mach number. For example, the linear doublet-lattice method has been frequently used for the aeroelastic analysis of aircraft although CFD techniques offer more accurate numerical simulations.
According to (13), the relationship between the Mach number of the nozzle exit and the ratio of the sectional area can be obtained.
Vertical spacing between the airfoils, airfoil angle of attack, Mach number (including transonic and compressible cases), and airfoil thickness were varied.
For each nozzle, we examined the characteristics of the hot jet, including the spatial and temporal distributions of velocity, vorticity, Mach number, pressure, temperature, and shock structures.
Aviation Partners, known worldwide for its Blended and Split Scimitar Winglets TM, on Business Jets and Commercial Aircraft used highly sophisticated computational fluid dynamics (CFD) methods to redesign the P51's wing surface airfoils and to reduce and eliminate the strong shock waves created at Mach number 0.75 and 0.80.
In the dimensionless computations, the flow speed, [v.sub.0], will be presented by the Alfven Mach number [M.sub.A] = [v.sub.0]/[v.sub.Ai].
The existing literature, however, is mainly concerned with the influence of aerodynamic nonlinearity on the LCO amplitude, and Mach number satisfying Ma > 5 is the only criterion for applying the nonlinear aerodynamic theory.
The static pressure rise is achieved through the ramming effect of the air; the increase in Mach number results in increase in static pressure and static temperature with the loss of stagnation pressure due to the presence of shock waves.