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 (mə-shĕt′ē, -chĕt′ē)
A large heavy knife with a broad blade, used as a weapon and an implement for cutting vegetation.
tr.v. ma·chet·ed, ma·chet·e·ing, ma·chet·es
1. To cut with a machete: macheted the undergrowth.
2. To attack, wound, or kill with a machete.

[Spanish, diminutive of macho, sledge hammer, alteration of mazo, club, probably from maza, mallet, from Vulgar Latin *mattea, mace; see mace1.]


(məˈʃɛtɪ; -ˈtʃeɪ-) or


(Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms)) a broad heavy knife used for cutting or as a weapon, esp in parts of Central and South America
[C16 macheto, from Spanish machete, from macho club, perhaps from Vulgar Latin mattea (unattested) club]


(məˈʃɛt i, -ˈtʃɛt i)

n., pl. -chet•es.
a heavy swordlike knife used as a cutting implement and weapon.
[1825–35; < American Spanish, Sp, macho hammer « Vulgar Latin *mattea; see mace1]
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Noun1.machete - a large heavy knife used in Central and South America as a weapon or for cutting vegetationmachete - a large heavy knife used in Central and South America as a weapon or for cutting vegetation
knife - a weapon with a handle and blade with a sharp point
bozótvágó késmachete


[məˈtʃeɪtɪ] Nmachete m


[məˈʃɛti] nmachette f


nMachete f, → Buschmesser nt


[məˈʃɛtɪ] nmachete m inv
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According to him, on their arrival, the marauders released a volley of gunshots into the air to scare the people of the village from coming out adding that the family of six comprising father, mother and four children between the of four to thirteen years of age were shot at close range and macheted to death.
But the image of bodies' macheted and left desecrated on the street recalled the bad days.
Some of them aren't waiting: In September, 100 of the trees were macheted down during the night.
The militias had set fire to a small group of macheted victims - men, women and children - in the back of a pickup truck, but the fire had gone out prematurely.
Rugeley does introduce arresting characters, like Buenaventura Martinez, "an insider turned outsider" who helped defeat Maximilian's forces, and, the reviewer's favorite, the film-flare man Jose Maria Martinez de Arredondo, a ne'er-do-well from a prominent family who, after unsuccessfully wheeling and dealing in the state capital, attempted to ply his trade in the countryside only to get his comeuppance from outraged Maya who macheted him to death, cut his "silver tongue" out and stuffed it up his nose, and then, for good measure, severed one of his private parts and stuck it where his tongue had been.
Traumatic death, where they were trampled to death, stabbed, macheted, shot or hung, or whatever ...
"I got macheted to death and I spent a day with fake intestines hanging out of me, which was pretty gory but good fun.
The animals are often captured in steel traps in the jungles of India, and then clubbed or macheted to death by poachers.
There was an incidence in Lagos in the late 1990s in which some traditionalists macheted a Christian preacher to death for an alleged assault.
Hillary merely took up the work of bushwhacking a path originally macheted by a woman now almost entirely forgotten.
"This week my friend's dad, a pensioner, had his door kicked in and was macheted. There are smackheads and crackheads everywhere.