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Noun1.Machilidae - jumping bristletailsMachilidae - jumping bristletails      
arthropod family - any of the arthropods
order Thysanura, Thysanura - firebrats; silverfish; machilids
jumping bristletail, machilid - wingless insect living in dark moist places as under dead tree trunks; they make erratic leaps when disturbed
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Microcoryphia Machilidae Thermobia domestica Thysanura Lepismatidae Lespisma saccharina Orthoptera Gryllacrididae Ceuthophilus sp.
The remaining insects comprised three Hemiptera (Lygaeidae, Nabidae, Pyrrhocoridae), two Thysanura (Machilidae, Lepismatidae), two Collembola (Sminthuridae), one Psocoptera (unidentified), one Homoptera (Aphididae), one Embiomorpha (Oligotomidae: Haploembia solieri Ramb.) and one Lepidoptera larvae (Noctuidae).