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n.1.One who or operates a machine; a machinist{2}.
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It is therefore evident that the unravelling of the plot, no less than the complication, must arise out of the plot itself, it must not be brought about by the 'Deus ex Machina'--as in the Medea, or in the Return of the Greeks in the Iliad.
Le president de la NOC, Mustapha Sanalla, et Abdelmajid Hamza, president de la Compagnie d'electricite, ainsi que le directeur executif de la societe, Ali Sassi et les conseillers du Premier ministre en Energie, Mohamed Machina et Mohamed Al-Fallah ont pris part a la rencontre.
He also, with strained plaintiveness, scribbles "Deus Ex Machina" in a notebook.
Applying Rene Girard's mimetic theory to film, scholars of film, literature, and other humanities discuss Bunuel's apocalypse now; on fiction and truth: Joshua Oppenheimer's The Act of Killing; passing "The Imitation Game:" ex machina, the ethical, and mimetic theory; femina ex machina; looking for a scapegoat and finding oneself: Kieslowski's Decalogue and mimetic theory; violence and politics in Shakespeare's Macbeth and Kurosawa's Throne of Blood; the screenic age; a sacrificial crisis not far away: Star Wars as a genuinely modern mythology; mimetic magic and anti-sacrificial slayage: a Girardian reading of Buffy the Vampire Slayer; and not the end of the world: post-apocalyptic flourishing in Cartoon Network's Adventure Time.
Similarly, 17 state and local government officials and their supporters from Machina and Yusufari Local Government Areas also defected from PDP to APC.
Lex Machina's new Legal Analytics for Insurance Litigation module brings data-driven insights to insurance cases pending in Federal District Court from 2009 to the present.
Lex Machina, a legal analytics platform, announced Sept.
The Nintendo Direct also unveiled new details for Nintendo Switch Online, highlighted a solid selection of Nintendo 3DS games and revealed more details about previously announced Nintendo Switch games like "Yoshi's Crafted World," "DAEMON X MACHINA" and Capcom's (CCOEY) "Mega Man 11."
The film is directed by Alex Garland of 'Ex Machina' fame.
Caption: (Left to right) Brant Combs '11, Ryan Warner '15, Jennifer Brodowski '12, Greg Walker '15, Mike Jucewiecz '16, Chip Thomas '12, Emily Cooke '12, Steve Schnurr '13, Irma Finocchiaro '91, Brian Desvignes 75, Amanda Schmitt '14, Jackson Hawse 10, Janet Avery '14, Nate Parks '10, Fran Machina '90
1 EX MACHINA Tonight, Channel 4, 9pm NATHAN (Domhnall Gleeson) is a computer programmer at a hi-tech firm run by the enigmatic Caleb (Oscar Isaac).