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a.1.Of or pertaining to machines.
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The subject of procurement is machinal thin dimension thinnings development, preparation of energy wood, the 2014-2015th year.
Contract award: machinal thin dimension thinnings and ditch slopes development 2015 - 2018.
Apres le JT de 20 heures, reflexe qui n'a pas sa raison d'etre en fait, sinon un geste machinal bien vite ecourte, il y a un bon film sur une chaEne de son choix.
I can't say that I exactly enjoyed every moment of the FSU/Asolo Conservatory's Machinal, but it was a bold move to produce Sophie Treadwell's little-seen 1928 play about a woman trapped and isolated by the oppressive, mechanized world around her, and equally bold for director Dmitry Troyanovsky to decide to adapt the time and setting to today, aided by Jonathan Shimon's often disturbing sound design.
Les cris d'un homme qui ne tient a nous que par l'humanite, nous font voler a son secours par un mouvement machinal qui precede toute deliberation" (Paris: P.
Gaspell's Trifles (1916) and The Verge (1921), and Treadwell's Machinal (1928) and Intimations for Saxophone (1934).
Such a resolution aligns the play not only with earlier American Expressionist works like Sophie Treadwell's Machinal and Elmer Rice's The Adding Machine but also European precedents such as Georg Kaiser's Gas trilogy and Karel Capek's R.
If the playwright had heeded these words, he would have made his alter ego, Tom Wingfield, a genuine expressionistic protagonist, with American antecedents in Eugene O'Neill's The Emperor Jones (1920), Elmer Rice's The Adding Machine (1923), and Sophie Treadwell's Machinal (1928), together with German precedents stretching from the quintessential expressionist Georg Kaiser all the way back to such late, even ironic romantic relatives of his as Heinrich von Kleist and Georg Buchner.
Following acknowledgments (ix) and an introduction (1-10), it contains five sections: "The Americanization of Expressionism: The Hairy Ape (1922) and The Adding Machine (1923)" (11-32); "Sensualizing and Sanctifying Technology: Machinal (1928), The Subway (1929), and Dynamo (1929)" (33-68); "Theatre of the Thirties: Machines to Socialize the Soul: Waiting for Lefty (1935), Altars of Steel (1937), and O, Pyramids
Thus, plays like Trifles (Glaspell, 1916) and Machinal (Treadwell, 1928), whose leading characters are two battered women who finally kill their batterers and are judged as madwomen, were eliminated from the university curriculum and not performed again until the 1990s, when feminist critics vindicated their role in U.
NAOMI WOLFF (Costume Design): New York credits include: The Tutor, Unbound and The Belle's Stratagem with Prospect Theater Company, Welcome to Arroyo's at SPF, Suzanne Bradbeer's The Sleeping Girl, Malachy Walsh's The Chair and Sheila Callaghan's The Hunger Waltz with Relentless Theatre Company, The White House Plays with HB Playwrights, A for Adultery at the Beckett Theater, Twelfth Night and Machinal at Columbia University, and Nothing Up My Sleeve and Measure for Measure with The 52nd Street Project.