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a.1.Of or pertaining to machines.
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Deus ex machinal This near escape reminds me of the power of proximity, how familiarity breeds attempt, and how rubbernecking mansions on the fancy street in town can bring us one step closer to envy or regret.
For instance, relating the novel's detective form to its ideology, Helene Machinal claims that readers of this fiction "are immersed in a world redolent of the tales of Sherlock Homes and the classic detective stories," and tries to reveal "the ideological implications of the whole genre of the turn-of-the-century detective story" (When We Were Orphans 79).
presidential candidate Zoltan Istvan in his 2015-16 presidential election campaign program requested to be the free and unconditioned "basic income" for everybody to be financed by machinal automatization.
In 2014, still in his 20s, he earned his first choreography credit on Broadway, for the mechanical, expressionistic movement in the Roundabout Theatre Company revival of Sophie Treadwell's brooding 1928 melodrama, Machinal.
Je propose l'hypothese que les emotions ressenties par rapport a la pilosite sont normalisees et induisent un respect machinal de la norme du glabre feminin.
I'm not an auteur director," says Garland, who last year made the transition from screenwriter-novelist to writer-director with "Ex Machinal a probing, slippery technological morality play about a programmer invited by a malignant entrepreneur to administer the Turing test to his A.
Jake Machinal, a member of the CDC police, said Batul introduced himself as a policeman when he confronted him.
How are the political realities of class and power that are obscured by dissolving individual agency into the abstractions of species-level evolution the Kurzweilian singularity discourses, or Nathan's technological fatalism in Ex Machinal I'll end by saying that the question concerning technology and immortality brings us, at last, to the moment of truth wherein the fundamental flaw is ultimately expressed and the anomaly revealed as both beginning and end.
Contract award: machinal thin dimension thinnings and ditch slopes development 2015 - 2018.
In the tragic plot," Burke (1937/1984) wrote, "the deus ex machinal always lurking," goading the characters in tragedy to action by "motivating forces [that] (sic) are superhuman" (p.
Our fifth production, Machinal by Sophie Treadwell (1999), returned to real-time VR scenery.
Apres le JT de 20 heures, reflexe qui n'a pas sa raison d'etre en fait, sinon un geste machinal bien vite ecourte, il y a un bon film sur une chaEne de son choix.