Machine work

work done by a machine, in contradistinction to that done by hand labor.

See also: Machine

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Anna took a knife and fork in her beautiful white hands covered with rings, and began showing how the machine worked. It was clear that she saw nothing would be understood from her explanation; but aware that her talk was pleasant and her hands beautiful she went on explaining.
reports that at NPE2015 it will feature six Injection molding machine work cells with Integrated robots, automation, material handling, and auxiliary equipment.
I would like to find some good books on gun machine work. I've completed a thorough machine-shop course that was offered at my local tech school.
The power head on the VGS-20 tilts 12[degrees] left and right for alignment to valve guide centerlines and seat centerlines, or tilts 90[degrees] to flat surfaces, while a head-holding fixture rotates and locks for drilling, tapping, boring, and other machine work. One machine handles complete head rework functions: installation of valve guide inserts; spot facing of valve guides and bosses; cutting of valve insert pockets; simultaneous multi-axis cutting of valve seats; drilling and tapping of threaded studs; removal of brake exhaust studs; and bronze guide liner installation and reaming.
Blast equipment, abrasive; deflashing equipment; special machinery and general machine work; washing machines (for rubber products)
Twelve close-up photos of specific machine work stations highlight the FLH's features.
Thus, the challenge awaited as the company sought to tackle a proposal that demanded near total control of precise CAD revisions, proper casting techniques and impeccable machine work for such a unique industry.
"At the end of that period, we realized we were farming out a lot of that machine work to other machine shops just to meet our deliveries," said Farrar.

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