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Capable of being read by a computer: a machine-readable passport; machine-readable formats.


(of data) in a form suitable for direct acceptance and processing by computer.


[məˈʃiːnˈriːdəbl] ADJlegible por máquina
in machine-readable formen forma legible por máquina
machine-readable codecódigo m legible por máquina


[məˈʃiːnˌriːdəbl] adj (Comput) → leggibile dalla macchina
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6) This web of machine-parsable data enables the creation of new knowledge as machines make inferences based on integrating existing data sets from disparate sources.
Most QC systems, whether integrated or stand-alone, can pass machine-parsable XML results data to an encoding or MAM system to further drive the workflow.
Each search field displays a brief annotation to assist, the user in correctly entering machine-parsable data, For instance, instructions adjacent to the "pitch" search field indicate that a user may enter the letters A-G, the pound symbol (#) for a sharp sign and the minus sign (-) for a flat sign.