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n.1.One who or operates a machine; a machinist{2}.
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Some of the major companies included in the report are Toyota Industries, Hyster Company, Jungheinrich, STILL, Crown, Noblelift, Ningbo Ruyi, NIULI MACHINER, PR Industrial, Uline, TVH Group, Godrej Material Handling, RICO Manufacturing, Noveltek.
Tenders are invited for equipment and machiner (jal/sewer) work (two year annual r/o 160 kva dg set at ugr/ oht-58, and r/o 63 kva dg set at t.W.
The closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera footage of the automated teller machiner (ATM) used by Ankit to withdraw the money helped the police in identifying and arresting him.
For example, a search and rescue team was able to rescue a snow machiner who was lost in a blizzard because he was able to send them his location from his iPhone and a business customer was able to use his smartphone to approve time cards for his employees while he was fishing on the river in Bethel.
An LG959 wheel loader from Shandong Lingong Construction Machiner (SDLG) has demonstrated that it is more than capable of withstanding the toughest ambient temperature conditions working on a ranch in the Australian state of Queensland.
The machine used in the study was purchased from a machine making factory (Dahua Machiner, Shandong, China).
Five floors of the building have been damaged and machiner y worth billion of r upees bur nt.
6:40 a.m.: Shrewsbury Street, parking lot of Honematic Machiner Corp.
Capital Allowances 2013-14 and the A-Z of Plant & Machiner are published by Claritax Books.
The unit at Queen's Mill was let to Karmelle, which has expanded its operations manufacturing high quality, liquid-filling and capping machiner y.