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n.1.One who or operates a machine; a machinist{2}.
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An LG959 wheel loader from Shandong Lingong Construction Machiner (SDLG) has demonstrated that it is more than capable of withstanding the toughest ambient temperature conditions working on a ranch in the Australian state of Queensland.
The machine used in the study was purchased from a machine making factory (Dahua Machiner, Shandong, China).
Five floors of the building have been damaged and machiner y worth billion of r upees bur nt.
Shrewsbury Street, parking lot of Honematic Machiner Corp.
Capital Allowances 2013-14 and the A-Z of Plant & Machiner are published by Claritax Books.
The unit at Queen's Mill was let to Karmelle, which has expanded its operations manufacturing high quality, liquid-filling and capping machiner y.
Dans la comedie, la demultiplication va preter a rire ; dans le drame ou le thriller, elle va machiner un engrenage et des malentendus aux consequences angoissantes.
A one-stop consultancy service is provided in designing sleeving solutions including art work, sample mock-ups, and packaging/fitting machiner y.
Warmseal recently introduced a two-shift system and invested over pounds 100,000 in new production machiner y.
A family of brushless servo motors (from Ametek) purportedly extends the service life of applications ranging from medical and industrial equipment to instrumentation and automation machiner.