Machu Picchu

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Ma·chu Pic·chu

 (mä′cho͞o pēk′cho͞o, pē′-)
An ancient Inca fortress city in the Andes northwest of Cuzco, Peru. Its extensive ruins and elaborate terraces became famous after an American explorer published a description of them in 1911.
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Machu Picchu

(ˈmɑːtʃuː ˈpiːktʃuː)
(Placename) a ruined Incan city in S Peru
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Ma•chu Pic•chu

(ˈmɑ tʃu ˈpik tʃu, ˈpi tʃu)
the site of an ancient Incan city in the Andes, in S central Peru.
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Noun1.Machu Picchu - Inca fortress city in the Andes in Peru discovered in 1911; it may have been built in the 15th century
Peru, Republic of Peru - a republic in western South America; achieved independence from Spain in 1821; was the heart of the Inca empire from the 12th to 16th centuries
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Following the map I left Aqua Calientes, the town closest to Machu Picchu. I left my camp site at midnight and walked for an hour to reach close to the entry gate.
What is truly amazing about this extraordinary place is that the city of Machu Picchu disappeared and was unknown to man, as if it had never existed, for centuries.
BOOK IT NOW Jules Verne ( offers a 11 night break, The Lost World of the Incas, from Machu Picchu by rail through the Andes to Lake Titicaca, with flights ex-Heathrow to Lima, via Madrid, from pounds 2,199pp .
Unique amongst Inca cities, Machu Picchu was spared destruction at the hands of the Spanish conquistadors by virtue of its remoteness and the secrecy surrounding its existence.
These two displays of an advanced understanding of our planet's motions led me to agree with our guide, Edwin, who argued that Machu Picchu also functioned as a kind of university to teach trades of stonework, weaving and, of course, astronomy.
The exhibition called, '100 years of Machu Picchu World Revelation (1911-2011)', captures the beauty and splendour of the pre-Columbian 15th-century Inca site in Machu Picchu, Peru.
Machu Picchu sits like a crown atop a high plateau deep in the Andes Mountains that is reached by a two-hour train ride from nearby Cusco, the two-mile-high regional hub.
Nigel Osborne, the company president, said '2011 marks the 100th anniversary of the discovery of Machu Picchu, making it a great time to visit Peru.'