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also mach·zor (mäKH′zôr′, -zər, mäKH-zôr′)
n. pl. mah·zor·im (-zôr′ĭm, -zô-rēm′) or mah·zors also mach·zor·im or mach·zors
A Jewish prayer book used during the High Holy Days.

[Mishnaic Hebrew maḥăzôr, cycle, mahzor, from ḥāzar, to go around, return; see ḥḏr in Semitic roots.]


(maxˈzɔr; English mɑːkˈzɔː)
n, pl -zorim (-zɔˈriːm; English -zəˈriːm)
(Other Non-Christian Religious Writings) a variant spelling of machzor


(mɑxˈzoʊr; Eng. ˈmɑx zər)

n., pl. mah•zo•rim (mɑx zɔˈrim)
Eng. mah•zors.
Hebrew. a Jewish prayer book designed for use on festivals and holy days.
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The organizers did not intend primarily to argue for a certain vision of society; they endeavored to be that society, in this instance an observant Jewish slice of it, in which members of all different denominations (Sieradski told me that from the chazzan to the machzorim, official Reconstructionist, Conservative, and Orthodox organs had all chipped in), political beliefs, andemphasis hereclasses and sexual orientations can come together to share in ancient ritual.
Aside from traditional machzorim and religious books in Hebrew, there were many in other languages--medical treatises in German and English, broken lots of Russian encyclopedias, and histories of all kinds.
There were machzorim, most men wore kippot, we faced east at the right times, and there was probably more Hebrew than English.