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Eugene Macintosh User Group - Program: "What's for Christmas?" A look at computer-related gift possibilities, focusing on the Macintosh.
A member of the University of California, Berkley Macintosh User Group (BMUG, the first university Mac users group) Louise Kohl (1988) noted, "perhaps the most important [criterion] for the Mac's longevity [was] the near fanatic partisanship of those early users" ([paragraph] 6).
In addition, we have titles like the UK CD-ROM User Group's PC PD-ROM ($35), the Boston Computer Society Macintosh User Group's The Software Spectrum, Betacorp Technologies Inc.'s First Canadian Shareware Disc ($49.95), Quantum Leap Technologies Inc.'s CD7 and Right Stuffed CD-ROM ($99 each), Wayzata Technology Inc.'s Off-Line ($99), Power User Software, Inc.'s So Much Shareware!
Eugene Macintosh User Group - Program: product announcements to be made later this month, centering on the iPod.

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