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Noun1.Mack Sennett - United States filmmaker (born in Canada) noted for slapstick movies (1880-1960)Mack Sennett - United States filmmaker (born in Canada) noted for slapstick movies (1880-1960)
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1880: Slapstick king Mack Sennett, Keystone Cops creator, was born in Quebec.
1880: Slapstick king Mack Sennett, creator of the Keystone Cops, was born in Quebec.
Mack and Mabel Brought to you by students from LIPA, watch the tempestuous love story of two of the silent movie era's biggest names, director Mack Sennett and his star, Mabel Normand.
Mark Wahlberg shot another of the 'crash loads of cars whilst swearing' franchise in Newcastle recently, so maybe someone is re-booting the old Mack Sennett custard pie fight classics for a new generation, only using kebabs, chips and rogan josh leftovers?
Griffith and Mack Sennett to form the Triangle Motion Picture Company, and to impress investors they built a formidable edifice designed to look like a Greek colonnade as their headquarters.
com/name/nm0635667/bio) Mabel Normand , working under contract for Mack Sennett, enacted a scene where she gets smeared with pie by another popular silent movie actor Roscoe Conkling "Fatty" Arbuckle.
TV's top talent took some time to discuss their craft for Variety's Actors on Actors series at Mack Sennett Studios in Silver Lake.
What cops did film producer Mack Sennett bring to life in a series of silent movies?
Jonathan Church's touring production of the ill-fated affair of movie mogul Mack Sennett and his deli girl muse Mabel Normand, hot from Chichester, looks simply gorgeous and has loads to enchant at the Wales Millennium Centre this week.
A dazzling Broadway musical comedy set in Hollywood's silent golden age and based on the real-life romance between legendary filmmaker Mack Sennett and his rising star Mabel Normand, it's his baby.
Even fabled Mabel Normand, whom history has locked in as a tragic figure, directed a few films for Mack Sennett.
1912: The first Keystone Cops film was released in America by Mack Sennett called Cohen Collects A Debt.