Macleaya cordata

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Noun1.Macleaya cordata - herb of China and Japan widely cultivated for its plumelike panicles of creamy white flowers
poppy - annual or biennial or perennial herbs having showy flowers
genus Macleaya, Macleaya - a perennial herb of eastern Asia: plume poppy
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Among these, phytogenic compounds, such as isoquinoline alkaloids extracted from plants as Macleaya cordata, have shown promise as feed additives in broilers and pigs (Kantas et al.
glomerata has been isolated as an endophyte of a pine (Pinus koraiensis) and two medicinal plants, specifically Salvia miltiorrhiza and Macleaya cordata (Deng et al.
In vitro assessment of Macleaya cordata crude extract bioactivity and anticancer properties in normal and cancerous human lung cells.
The plume poppy Macleaya cordata is a bit of an oddity, as it looks nothing like any poppy you may have grown.