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A large new house, usually constructed as part of a suburban development and characterized by ostentation rather than quality of workmanship or architectural distinction.

[Mc(Donald's), trademark of a fast-food restaurant chain (from its mass-produced nature) + mansion.]


(Architecture) informal derogatory a large modern house considered to look mass-produced, lacking in distinguishing characteristics, and at variance with established local architecture
[C20: a corruption of McDonald's, a major American fast-food enterprise noted for the ubiquity of its restaurants]
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So he drives to a MacMansion in a denatured place where distance acts as an invisible moat, protecting him from the underclass that the politics of selfishness he supports has created.
We looked at one on Google Earth that had cornfields on one side and 'MacMansions' on the other.
Specifically, the so-called "MacMansions," the building of residences that exceed the parameters of other homes on a block, standing out like throbbing sore thumbs.