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The concert featured a mix of solo works by Bach and Ligeti followed by pieces with piano by Beethoven, Clara and Robert Schumann and Elizabeth Maconchy.
Elizabeth Maconchy's Variazioni Concertante creates interplay between the oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and horn soloists (the same instrumentation as the Mozart Sinfonia Concertante for Winds.
Thomas Traherne settings by Finzi and Elizabeth Maconchy could almost have been light relief, had Maconchy's vocal lines not been so ferociously angular, her tonal language so overcast.
The programme includes music by Purcell, Burgess, Maconchy, Golightly, Arnold, Parker, Cordell and Bullard.
Lutyens, Maconchy, Williams, and Twentieth-century British music: a blest trio of sirens.
1); Gerald Finzi (Let Us Garlands Bring); Mervyn Horder (Seven Shakespeare Songs); Mary Howe; Erich Korngold (Songs of the Clown); Elizabeth Maconchy; Thomas Morley; Charles Parry (English Lyrics, Second Set); Roger Quilter (Three Shakespeare Songs, op.
This list provides a fascinating array of works and composers., including, for example, a further 14 British composers: Sally Beamish, George Benjamin, Richard Causton, Edward Elgar, John Casken, Jonathan Dove, Simon Holt, Elizabeth Maconchy, Roger Quilter, Priaulx Rainier, Ethel Smyth, Arthur Sullivan, Michael Tippett, Mark-Anthony Turnage.
I recall a letter she wrote to her lifelong friend and fellow composer Elizabeth Maconchy. just two weeks before she died.
The main work here is a sonata by the redoubtable suffragette Dame Ethel Smyth, a splendidly Brahmsian composition, and there are shorter pieces by Elizabeth Maconchy, Phyllis Tate and another sonata by Irena Wieniawska, the daughter of the famous Polish violinist and composer.
The choral music of twentieth-century women composers; Elisabeth Lutyens, Elizabeth Maconchy, and Thea Musgrave.
Biographical data are incomplete; a quick perusal revealed no dates of death for Panufnik, Mathias, Walton, Alan Bush and Maconchy, to name but a few.