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Noun1.macrobiotic diet - a diet consisting chiefly of beans and whole grainsmacrobiotic diet - a diet consisting chiefly of beans and whole grains
vegetarianism - a diet excluding all meat and fish
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And she needs to stop foisting her macrobiotic food fads and her barmy religion on everyone around her - especially her kids.
The only exception to this rule is if you find yourself sitting next to Gwyneth Paltrow, who I imagine only talks about macrobiotic food and hair straighteners.
Programmes cover anti-ageing, detoxing, stress management and weight loss and it's strictly macrobiotic food only.
As a result, shiso has become the jewel of Japanese culinary art as well as an important ingredient in macrobiotic food because of its healing powers.
"She had lots of massages and hydrotherapy treatments, but Kylie was there for the macrobiotic food and rejuvenation therapies."
After seven years of Madonna's macrobiotic food, perhaps it's understandable that Guy should now want to pig-out on hamburgers.
Singer Beyonce has apparently tried the Maple Syrup diet, Jennifer Aniston and Paris Hilton have toyed with a Baby Food Diet, Guy Ritchie has favoured a Hollywood Cookie diet and Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are renowned for their enthusiasm for macrobiotic food.According to nutritionist Fleur Borrelli, most people are just looking for quick fixes and celebrities are often under pressure to lose weight fast.She believes that the end result of many 'fad' diets is disappointingly short-term weight loss, and long-term poor health."You would be far better to lose weight more gently and slowly, with a balanced healthy diet incorporating lots of fruit and vegetables.
You can purchase the valuable kudzu root in a digestible form at local health food stores, macrobiotic food companies, and Asian markets.
The main dining room offers fine macrobiotic food that is prepared using natural organic ingredients adapted for Mediterranean cuisine.
One particular actor who was looking for a chef recently specified that he would like a health-conscious chef with a knowledge of macrobiotic food. The reasons for his requirements included inflammation in the body and disease.
Soon, other neighbors were participating, including a friend who was suffering from leukemia and wanted to grow macrobiotic food and a farming couple who were between farms.
That man never stops moving ( whether he's skipping and bounding around the stage or finding it hard to maintain position on his piano stool ( it must be all that macrobiotic food.