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Any of a group of thermoplastics that are linear polyesters of carbonic acid, especially those derived from bisphenol A and phosgene, characterized by high-impact strength, light weight, and flexibility, and used as shatter-resistant substitutes for glass.


(ˌpɒlɪˈkɑːbəˌneɪt; -nɪt)
(Elements & Compounds) any of a class of strong transparent thermoplastic resins used in moulding materials, laminates, etc


(ˌpɒl iˈkɑr bəˌneɪt, -nɪt)

a synthetic thermoplastic resin, a linear polymer of carbonic acid, used for molded products, films, and nonbreakable windows.
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Animals were housed in groups of 8 in Macrolon III cages padded with wood shavings, under standard conditions of temperature (20 [+ or -] 2[degrees]C) and 12/12 h light/dark cycle; and fed with commercial pellets (ssniff R/M-H, ssniff Spezialdiaten GmbH, Soest, Germany) and tap water ad libitum.
They were approximately 5 months old (weight 300-400 g), and were housed in same-sexed pairs in standard (50 x 25 x 14 cm) macrolon cages.
The gravid females were randomly assigned among the four groups and housed individually in type III Macrolon cages with stainless steel covers and wood shavings (Altromin GmbH).