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(Biology) biology an abnormally great change in the characteristics of a population of animals or plants over relatively few successive generations: hypothesized in the evolutionary theory of punctuated equilibrium, which states that such populations remain stable for long periods of time and evolve into new species through sudden, drastic mutations
[C20: from macro- + mutation]


(ˌmæk roʊ myuˈteɪ ʃən)

a mutation that results in a profound change in an organism, as a change in a regulatory gene that controls the expression of many structural genes.
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Science refuted the claim that macromutations filled a gap within evolutionary theory by discovering that there was no gap to fill.
Especially, the effect of macromutations (Jablonski, 2000), complex mutations involving concurrent alteration of numerous characteristics of species, deserves attention for the domain of evolution of organizations.
Recrudescence: This approach was proposed in [8] and it consists of macromutations.