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n. macrosomia, cuerpo de un tamaño grande anormal.
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Data obtained from obstetric history for every woman were as follows, the time, indication and gestational week of the previous CS, history of polyhydramnios, gestational diabetesmellitus (GDM) and fetal macrosomy, weight gain during pregnancy and BMI at delivery, smoking habit, and use of any medication and presence of any chronic illnesses.
Risk factors include breech position, female sex, twin pregnancy, positive family history, white race, primiparous young mother, oligohydramnios, macrosomy, and foot, knee, or spine deformities [2, 4].
PDM is important with regards to complications as macrosomy, increasing risk for intrauterin death, congenital malformation, hyperbilirubinemia, polistemia, hypocalcemia.