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Noun1.Macrouridae - grenadiersMacrouridae - grenadiers        
fish family - any of various families of fish
Gadiformes, order Gadiformes - cods, haddocks, grenadiers; in some classifications considered equivalent to the order Anacanthini
rattail, rattail fish, grenadier - deep-sea fish with a large head and body and long tapering tail
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Distribuicao, biomassas e ecologia de Macrouridae (Teleostei, Gadiformes) no talude continental do sul do Brasil, com enfase em Coelorinchus marinii Hubbs 1934 e Malacocephalus occidentalis Goode & Bean 1885.
The families include Ancistrocheiridae (ANC), Argonautidae (ARG), Bolitaenidae (BOL), Chiroteuthidae (CHI), Coryphaenidae (COR), Cranchiidae (CRA), Delphinidae (DEL), Engraulidae (ENG), Enoploteuthidae (ENO), Enteroctopodidae (ENT), Galatheidae (GAL), Gonatidae (GON), Histioteuthidae (HIS), Loliginidae (LOL), Macrouridae (MAC), Mastigoteuthidae (MAS), Merlucciidae (MER), Myctophidae (MYC), Octopodidae (OCD), Octopoteuthidae (OCT), Oeogopsidae (OEO), Ommastrephidae (OMA), Onychoteuthidae (ONY), Pholidoteuthidae (PHO), Scombridae (SCO), Sphyraenidae (SPH), Thysanoteuthidae (THY), Tremoctopodidae (TRE), Vampyroteuthidae (VAM), and Vitreledonellidae (VIT).
Carangidae Scomber japonicus Macrouridae Trachurus murphyi Ophichthyid.
These fish, such as the ghostfish (Chimaeridae), the ratfish, and other Macrouridae and some rays look much more familiar.
Morphology and ultrastructure of saccular otoliths from five species of the genus Coelorincus (Gadiformes: Macrouridae) from the southeast Atlantic.
List of fishes dredged by the steamer Albatross off the coast of Japan in the summer of 1900, with descriptions of new species and a review of the Japanese Macrouridae. Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission 22[1902]: 577-630, pls.
Among fish, the Congridae and Moridae families were the most representative in number of species (three and two, respectively), followed by other families represented by a single species (Macrouridae, Colocongridae, Scorpaenidae, Polimixiidae and Mu- raenidae).
Common name Scientific name Arrowtooth Flounder * Atheresthes stomias Aurora Rockfish Sebastes aurora Big Skate Raja binoculata Bocaccio Sebastes paucispinis Canary Rockfish Sebastes pinni er Cowcod Sebastes levis Darkblotched Rockfish Sebastes crameri Dover Sole * Microstomus pacificus English Sole * Parophrys vetulus Flathead Sole Hippoglossoides elassodon Greenstriped Rockfish Sebasteselongatus Grenadiers Macrouridae Lingcod Ophiodon elongatus Longnose Skate * Raja rhina Longspine Thornyhead * Sebastolobus altivelis Mixed Thornyheads * Sebastolobus spp.
Seven fish species are reported for the first time from associated bottom samples between 120 and 630 m deep, from Guajira and Magdalena Departments, Colombian Caribbean: Holosanridae (Holosaurus ovenii Johnson, 1863), Congridae (Xenomystas austrinus Smith & Kanasawa, 1989; 430 mm st.l., 150-180 m depth), Chloropthalmidae (Bathypterois viridensis Roule, 1916; 150 mm st.l., 250-288 m depth), Macrouridae (Nezumia sullai Marshall & Iwamoto, 1973; 230 mm st.l., 300-344 m depth), Ogcocephalidae (Dibranchus atlanticus Peters; 71-89 mm st.l., 300-582 m depth), Scorpaenidae (Setarches guentheri Johnson, 1862; 102 mm st.l., 300-630 m depth) and, Triglidae (Peristeiodon truncatum Gunther, 1880; 135-145 mm st.l., 280-344 m depth).