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Noun1.Macrozoarces - a genus of ZoarcidaeMacrozoarces - a genus of Zoarcidae      
fish genus - any of various genus of fish
Macrozoarces americanus, ocean pout - common along northeastern coast of North America
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The expansion of this habitat type in the Bight by man's addition of solid material has probably had an effect on LMR distributions and fisheries (such as American lobster, Homarus americanus; cod, Gadus morhua; red hake, Urophycis chuss; ocean pout, Macrozoarces americanus; scup, Stenotomus chrysops; black sea bass, Centropristis striata; and tautog, Tautoga onitis) and possible effect on other resources, but these effects are not well known nor well understood.
Time of hatching affects development, size, yolk volume, and mortality of newly hatched Macrozoarces americanus (Pisces: Zoarcidae).