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n.1.(Zool.) Any marine bivalve shell of the genus Mactra, and allied genera. Many species are known. Some of them are used as food, as Mactra stultorum, of Europe. See Surf clam, under Surf.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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According to MoAF, the catch this time comprised two species of oysters called Conomurex persicus or the Persian conch and Mactra lilacea.
(2004), found Nudibranquia eggs, Aplysia sp., Sinum cymba, Chione sp., Natica sp., Nassarius grayi, Mactra sp., Semimytilus algosus and other mytilids in 10 of 11 stomach contents analyzed.
Examples of bivalves inhabit intertidal sandy flats and sandy beaches are Glycymeris, Ctena, Divalinga, Cardites, Acrosterigma, Mactra, Asaphis, Hiatula, Circe, Circenita, Gafrarium, Calista, Dosinia and Maria.
It is also noteworthy that 51 species (14 bivalves and 37 gastropods) recorded in the field survey component of the present study were not known from Australian Museum records to occur within 20 km of Shelly Beach, including several large and relatively common species such as Mactra contraria, Donax deltoides, Scutus antipodes, Turbo torquatus and Astralium tentoriiformis.
The highest number of species has been recorded in the Aalensis (36 species) and the Opalinum (also 36 species) subzones, but the assemblage displaying higher amount of identified species (MP-3) corresponds to the Mactra Subzone.
Fan, "Hierarchical microstructural characteristics and toughness mechanism of corkscrew cross infostructure of Mactra sulcataria shell," Rare Metal Materials and Engineering, vol.
This is the case with the species Mitra cornicula--of which the only example identified was altered in this way--, Dosinia exoleta--two of the remains were thermo-altered-and Mactra glauca and Mactra sp.