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"The state of the technology is very much in the template-based approach, if you think of madlib type of things" said Nick Diakopoulos, an assistant professor at Northwestern University and the author of the upcoming book "Automating the News: How Algorithms are rewriting the media." "Human journalists are writing templates that have gaps in them where data is inserted."
He led the development of MADlib, an open-source scale-out machine learning library.
Friday, April 27 will see a city debut from Vels Trio - they arrive at a yet to be announced venue somewhere in the Baltic Triangle, playing the music of Madlib's legendary hip-hop masterpiece, Shades of Blue.
She'd written a handful of classic songs, recorded with Robert Wyatt and Johnny Rotten, worked as Bob Marley's publicist, penned books about the 80s punk scene, had her music sampled by Madlib and Massive Attack, and amassed a collection of reggae records of such historical import that it was acquired by NYU, where she also teaches classes on a history of punk and reggae that she witnessed and in some instances even created.
Huston wouldn't be the last rap producer to sample Hyman's work, which has turned up in songs by Kendrick Lamar, J Dilla, Madlib, Busta Rhymes and even Kanye West, who used Hyman's song "Kolumbo" in a tune he created for an Adidas ad.
While he also draws inspiration from current hip hop artists he more so does to earlier generations like A Tribe Called Quest, Q-Tip and Madlib.
His musical collaborators include Mos Def in Black Star, Ras in Idle Warship, Kanye West and Madlib.
Mr Maier has also taught improvisational comedy in London and founded the group 'MadLib', which performed at the 1994 Edinburgh Festival.
Greenplum CE users can also take advantage of the product's open-source analytic algorithm library, MADlib, to give them data mining and machine-learning methods for structured and unstructured data.
Greenplum Community Edition includes the company's MPP (massively parallel processing) database; MADlib, an open-source library of analytic algorithms; and a data-modeling tool called Alpine Miner.
MadLib #32: The (Blank) African State: Rethinking the Sovereign State in International Relations Theory.
Madlib's side project called Yesterdays New Quintet.