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While the first official Madrilenian reglamentos were issued in 1859 and 1863, the capital's Reglamento de vigilancia de mujeres publicas, passed in 1865 in response to a cholera epidemic, would become a frequently-cited model for other Spanish municipalities engaged in similar regulatory projects (Guerena 145-61).
She has authored papers on the variation of sexual concepts and has collected the Madrilenian Spoken Corpus of Sexuality (MadSex).
The aggregate score over the two matches was 3-2 in favour of the Madrilenian club.
Soon, however, with uniquely Madrilenian sainetes such as La cancion de la Lola (1880) and revistas like La Gran Via (1886), the genero chico achieved a life of its own, emerging as the preeminent theatrical representation of lo castizo.
My affinity with this country runs deep, with part of my soul residing in beloved Madrilenian haunts, the wilds of the rich Andalusian hills and the chatter of evenings with olives.
(Borges's reply will resort to the Italian linguistic heritage as contained in Lunfardo.) Less well known is that on the Peninsular side of the Atlantic there was also a hostile reaction, as proven by the Madrilenian magazine Post-Guerra (see Santonja), whose directors Rafael Gimenez Siles and Jose Antonio Balbontin had been in charge of El estudiante during the period in which Tirano Banderas was published in installments.