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Prior information notice without call for competition: Service of transport of personnel of the residence of majors villaviciosa de odn and our lady of the carmen assigned to the madrilenian agency of social attention (2 lots).
She has authored papers on the variation of sexual concepts and has collected the Madrilenian Spoken Corpus of Sexuality (MadSex).
The aggregate score over the two matches was 3-2 in favour of the Madrilenian club.
This article explores how the construction of Aurelia, the female protagonist of Ramon Gomez de la Serna's La Nardo (1931), not only responds to the representation of the Madrilenian essence, as different literary critics have stated, but also to the author's ambivalent relationship with modernity.
The Madrilenian Chapel of San Isidro and its Previous Proyects
The interest in witchcraft trials during the Colonial period led us to develop a diligent research in the files of the Madrilenian Inquisition about these processes in the viceroyalty of Lima.
On Friday 27 June, 1997, the same newspaper published in its society section that the well-known star Barbara Rey had filed a complaint at the police station of the Madrilenian district of Tetuan against Manuel Prado y Colon de Carvajal, a businessman and Spanish ambassador, for stealing cassettes, videotapes, and compromising pictures from her.
My affinity with this country runs deep, with part of my soul residing in beloved Madrilenian haunts, the wilds of the rich Andalusian hills and the chatter of evenings with olives.
Less well known is that on the Peninsular side of the Atlantic there was also a hostile reaction, as proven by the Madrilenian magazine Post-Guerra (see Santonja), whose directors Rafael Gimenez Siles and Jose Antonio Balbontin had been in charge of El estudiante during the period in which Tirano Banderas was published in installments.
275-276: <<Initiated by members of the Cortes on February 9, 1617 in a dogged effort on the part of the cities to force fiscal and economic reform on Lerma's bureaucratic regime, it gradually spread from one phase of Madrilenian life to another>>.
Stay in the city-centre in a two-bedroom attic maisonette (property ref - 14056) with a large terrace and views of the Latina district and Madrilenian skyline.
Furthermore, that this very major seizure--even when added to another seizure of one ton of cocaine elsewhere in Spain on the same days--will have no influence, whatsoever, on the availability, price, and purity of cocaine on the Madrilenian market, to which it reportedly was destined.