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My companions were Mariano Gonzales, who had formerly accompanied me in Chile, and an "arriero," with his ten mules and a "madrina." The madrina (or godmother) is a most important personage:
The affection of these animals for their madrinas saves infinite trouble.
At a ceremony in a shipyard in the port of Trieste, she became Madrina for Sky Princess - the woman nominated to bless the vessel and its crew at the christening.
Blanco, known as La Madrina, or The Godmother, played a key role in the US drug trade in the 1970s and 1980s and became a powerful cartel member.
The organization has identified the other smaller communities it would market to as; Del Obispo Area, Mission Area, Ortega Area, Rancho Madrina, Hunt Club and Marbella.
Blanco, known as The Godmother (La Madrina), the Black Widow or The Cocaine Godmother, was active during the Miami drug wars of the 1970s and 1980s.