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(Placename) an island in Indonesia, off the NE coast of Java: extensive forests and saline springs. Capital: Pamekasan. Area: 5472 sq km (2113 sq miles)


(məˈdʊər ə)

an island in Indonesia, off the NE coast of Java. 2112 sq. mi. (5470 sq. km).
Dutch, Madoera.
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Los nuevos productos de la linea Nivea Hyaluron Cellular Filler Elasticidad b Antigravedad satisfacen las necesidades concretas de la piel madura: previenen y reducen de manera eficaz los signos de la edad, al tiempo que hidratan y regeneran la piel
Indonesia has many native breeds of cattle, including Bali cattle, Pesisir, Sumba Ongole, Madura, Aceh, Grati, Ongole Grade, Katingan, Sumbawa, Pasundan, Jabres, and Galekan (the characteristics were described in Sutarno and Setyawan [1] and MARI [2]).
On the other hand, the themes of anti-capitalism, social justice, pacifism, and anti-globalization cannot go by unnoticed in the left-wing populist agenda of Nicolas Madura's administration in Venezuela, which U.S.
ABOARD THE PAPAL FLIGHT FROM ABU DHABI * Pope Francis has expressed openness to the Vatican stepping in to mediate in Venezuela, where the head of the country's national assembly has declared himself interim president after months of unrest over Nicolas Madura's continuing leadership.
They also had top games from Billy Schroeder (259) and Trevor Madura (246).
CARACAS, Saturday, January 12, 2019 (WAFA) -- Venezuelan President Nicolas Madura reiterated with the start of his second term in office during a meeting with Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Malki on Saturday his country's support for the Palestinian struggle for freedom and independence.
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The remains of Indonesian Hashir, 38, one of the five victims who drowned when swept by the strong current while fishing at Sungai Gasi, near the Sungai Buloh Camp near here, two days ago, was sent back to his village in Bangkalan, Madura, Indonesia today.
Saravanan (physics, Madura College) investigates the growth, physical, and X-ray characterization of materials having manganite structures.
Bangkalan is the biggest city in Madura Island, East Java province, Indonesia.
Dulce no le sacara al parche del asunto; muy por el contrario, enfrentara su relacion con Romero y, despues de sortear algunas dudas, terminara rindiendose al amor, venciendo el shock que propicia ante su entorno social el que ella, mujer madura, sostenga una relacion sentimental con un muchacho que podria ser su hijo.