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(Placename) an island in Indonesia, off the NE coast of Java: extensive forests and saline springs. Capital: Pamekasan. Area: 5472 sq km (2113 sq miles)


(məˈdʊər ə)

an island in Indonesia, off the NE coast of Java. 2112 sq. mi. (5470 sq. km).
Dutch, Madoera.
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Four regencies on Madura Island are among the poorest in East Java,' he concluded.
He has been arrested, but no action has been taken against the child's 18-year-old mother, named Ummu Salamah, in Bangkalan Regency, on the west of Indonesia's Madura Island.
The vessel will produce for the Madura Strait Block BD located 65km east of Surabaya and 16km south of Madura Island, Indonesia, upon completion.
Sumenep, Madura Island, located on the Java Sea north of East Java
Santos in late 2010 began developing Wortel gas, off Madura Island in East Java's Sampang PSC.
The Company has assembled a portfolio of exploration, appraisal and development stage opportunities on the NW Shelf, the Ashmore Cartier and the Timor Sea regions in Australia, offshore North Sumatra, and on Madura Island, East Java in Indonesia and the Gulf of Thailand.
JAKARTA - Almost 200 members of a Shiite community are still taking shelter in a sports stadium on Madura Island off Indonesia's Java, months after attacks by majority Sunni followers killed two Shiites last August.
The other site envisioned is Bangkalan Regency on Madura Island, just north of densely populated Java.
Jasa Marga was to invest Rp 300 billion in the project to build a bridge spanning the sea between the East Java capital and Madura island.