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An ancient name for the Menderes River of western Turkey.


(miːˈændə) or


(Placename) ancient name of the river Menderes1


(ˌmɛn dɛˈrɛs)

1. Ancient, Maeander , Meander.a river in W Asia Minor, flowing into the Aegean. 240 mi. (385 km) long.
2. Ancient, Scamander .a river in NW Asia Minor, flowing into the Dardanelles. 60 mi. (97 km) long.
References in classic literature ?
These held Miletus and the wooded mountain of Phthires, with the water of the river Maeander and the lofty crests of Mt.
The design is made up of a long, continuous line that repeatedly folds back on itself, mimicking the ancient Maeander River of Asia Minor with its many twists and turns.
Magnesia or Magnesia on the Maeander (Ancient Greek: [eth][pounds sterling][eth][eth][eth]'[eth][cedilla]Ia[eth][macron][eth] [sz]-i ICIu[sz]'[sup.1]Ie [eth][pounds sterling][eth][eth] [eth]1/4[eth]'[eth][sup.3]Iu[sz]A or [eth][pounds sterling][eth][eth][eth]'[eth][cedilla]Ia[eth][macron][eth] [sz]-i [sz]-...IC[sz]'[micro] [eth][pounds sterling][eth][eth] [eth]1/4[eth]'[eth][sup.3]Iu[sz]A; Latin: Magnesia ad Maeandrum) was an ancient Greek city in Ionia, considerable in size, at an important location commercially and strategically in the triangle of Priene, Ephesus and Tralles.
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