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An ancient name for the Menderes River of western Turkey.


(miːˈændə) or


(Placename) ancient name of the river Menderes1


(ˌmɛn dɛˈrɛs)

1. Ancient, Maeander , Meander.a river in W Asia Minor, flowing into the Aegean. 240 mi. (385 km) long.
2. Ancient, Scamander .a river in NW Asia Minor, flowing into the Dardanelles. 60 mi. (97 km) long.
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These held Miletus and the wooded mountain of Phthires, with the water of the river Maeander and the lofty crests of Mt.
Magnesia or Magnesia on the Maeander (Ancient Greek: [eth][pounds sterling][eth][eth][eth]'[eth][cedilla]Ia[eth][macron][eth] [sz]-i ICIu[sz]'[sup.
For instance, in 1295, in order to satisfy the anti-aristocratic sentiment of the local soldiers, Alexios Philanthropenos, whose rebellion in the area around the Maeander was far more serious and of much larger-scale than that of Kassianos, had the emperor's brother, Theodore Palaiologos arrested in Ephessos (22).