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(ˈmɑːstrɪxt; Dutch maːˈstrɪxt)
(Placename) an obsolete spelling of Maastricht


or Maes•tricht

(ˈmɑs trɪkt, -trɪxt)

a city in the SE Netherlands, on the Maas River. 115,782.
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Debye, who was born in Maestricht, was never a German citizen but was at home in German culture.
Belgique et le Royaume des Pays-Bas, signee a Maestricht le 8 aout 1843.
(4) Articulo XI: <<Les communications commerciales par la ville de Maestricht et par celle de Sittard, resteront entierement libres, et ne pourront etre entravees sous aucun pretexte.
At Mechlin, Zutphen, Naarden, Oudwater, Sichem and Maestricht defenders and noncombatants were killed indiscriminately.